DevSquare 0.5

After 2 years with radio silence of the DevSquare project, DevSquare is finally back with other version! Yes, this is the new and improved DevSquare 0.5, which aims to solve most of the problems present in previous DevSquare Versions, like Kinematic Gravity, Jumping, etc.

I tried to maintain a system of conformity with this post, but alas, my last post made on DevSquare was 2 years ago. I forgot how to structure my posts...bah, whatever.

A weird thing about this is that - because Snap!'s servers are based off of the UTC Time, the project's page shows that I created this project on the 30th of October but I published it on the 31st. I didn't create this project yesterday - I created it 15 minutes ago. I only published it 2 minutes


  • Kinematic Gravity FULLY FIXED!
  • Other features (that you don't need to worry about)
  • Jumping Mechanics!

DevSquare 0.5: DevSquare 0.5

DevSquare 0.5 Documentation: [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]


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i think i found a bug, you can go in the ground

Yeah...that bug's been present for quite some time by now. I'm looking to fix it.

also if you move it out of the screen it snaps back into its spot like a slingshot

I think that's supposed to happen.

also doesn’t joecooldoo still own this

Can you add an vectors and transforms and other stuff on unity

please dont necropost