DevSquare 0.2

DevSquare 0.2 is the update to DevSquare 0.1!


  • A new "Y Move" block that will allow you to make 2D Top-Down Games in DevSquare!

  • Heading is fixed! Now instead of typing "-90" or "90", you can type "-1" or "1"! "-1" is for Left in X Move, or Down in Y Move! "1" is for Right in X Move, or Up in Y Move!

If you want to help me on developing "DevSquare", you can ask me if you want to help! Help is greatly appreciated! On the DevSquare main page, we had @sirhopsalot ask if he/she wanted to help in DevSquare! Thank you @sirhopsalot for asking!

DevSquare 0.2: DevSquare 0.2

DevSquare 0.2 Documentation: [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]

DevSquare Example 2D Platformer: DevSquare 0.2 Example 2D Platformer

DevSquare Example 2D Top-Down: DevSquare 0.2 Example 2D Top-Down

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