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Block Comment

Block Comment

Block comments are used to document what your code does, it does nothing to the game.



Turns the sprite into an object that has gravity and a floor/ground.
First input: Gravity
Second input: Floor sprite

X Move

X Move

Moves the sprite along the X axis.
First input: How many pixels to move
Second input: Which direction to move, 1 is forward and -1 is backwards.

Y Move

Y Move

Same as X move but along the Y axis.


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Why are there so many topics about this?

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[offtopic]Am I accepted as a member of the Dev team?[/offtopic]

Yes you are! Congrats!

that doesn't answer my question. why not just have one topic, or if you really want, two (ideally a development-related one and a user-friendly one)?
it's just unnecessary to make a whole new topic for a new version, instead of just updating the old one. and couldn't the docs thing be done in the same topic as one of the others?

then why does this one exist??

I want them to be in different forum posts for different purposes. The DevSquare 0.1 forum post is dedicated to DevSquare 0.1 only. The DevSquare 0.2 forum post is dedicated to DevSquare 0.2 only. The DevSquare Main Post is dedicated to, well, it's sorta like a launcher. It launches the different applications (Or in other words, different forum posts/links)

but why would people even care about devsquare 0.1 when 0.2 is out? and couldnt you just put the version patches and updates in the docs section?

maybe you could link the development-related topic from the user-friendly one, and vice versa, but having an extra buffer topic is just wasteful.

In the DevSquare 0.2 forum, I included some sample projects that show off the engine's functions. That's why I made it a different forum.
For DevSquare 0.1, I knew that I'd make sample projects for that too. So I made it a different forum.
For later versions, I'd do the same thing especially since @sirhopsalot wanted to help me with making sample projects for DevSquare.

Just link all the version projects and samples in the docs section. Having a different forum for each version is annoying, useless and

especially considering you're going to make a lot of those versions in the future.

that drives home the point: then why even make a separate forum about it?

How are they useful then?

It is more professional. I see this on other forums too.

I just released DevSquare 0.3! Please update the docs for DevSquare 0.3 update as soon as possible!

ok, ill do it.

Thank you!

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