DevSquare Help Forum

Hi! Welcome to the DevSquare Help Forum! The DevSquare Help Forum will be for people who want to join! To join, you can reply to this Forum and say "I want to help!".

Also include what you want to help me with on DevSquare!

Things I need help with:

  • Jumping. I need help with the jumping physics because the DevSquare Rigidbody2D function will stall whenever I jump and it will look jittery.

  • Example Projects. I need help with the Example Projects that show off DevSquare's functions and features. For example, on my DevSquare 0.2 forum, I included 2 links: An example 2D Top-Down game, and an example 2D Platformer game.

  • Syntax Errors. This will alert the user if he/she did something wrong in the code.

Thank you for helping me develop DevSquare!

Dev Team:

You're really making a fifth topic about this? Just make the help forum a part of the "launcher" topic!

I would say three topics: one for docs, one for releases, and one for help. But five?!?
I agree this is ridiculous!

Two of the topics are for releases, so by version 1.0 there will be 13 topics..


Make a variable called zero g, set it to false when the project starts.
In the rigidbody2d code put the scripts in
if not zero g
then do your jumping code, when its done set zero g to false again.

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