Among Us Animation (Part 4)

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@funtime_foxy101 alrighty...glad youre back. so do you have the animation planned out?

Yes. I do.....Will be a pain trying to finish it, though....

@equilibrium check out my nightcore requests collection on my alt

dw bro! could you write it out here so we could all c it?

Ok, so I am using your emergency button for the beginning of the animation, then I will use this as a background:

blue and red r there
red then kills purple
blue the reports and throws sus at red
red gets ejected and dances on a rainbow in his mind
blue kills pink in front of white
white reports and blue gets ejected
end screen

Here's the link to my new forum topic: Cover Art Ideas/Help - Help with Snap! / Snap! Editor - Snap! Forums (

sorry mr.Harvey but i want To show Vanny this real quick
its supposed to make her feel better

Thanks <:)

Oh no I just realized that looks like pizza 0-0

@oscar_robinson I'm sorry to say but right now the forums are for none of us if we continue to drive Mr.Harvey(Bh) to the brink of insanity
Me-Going crazy again
Kumi-Hijacking topics
Yeet-Same as kumi
Others-being roped into our craziness
Oscar-not listening to us

Me-Starting off-topic convers

alrighty im workin on animations duolingo birB
dont get mad i havent done my esperanto lessons in months

(btw insane clown posse is an you have a specific song?)

duo got mega triggered...

(me fixed it)

@herodooble2 Estoy tan enojado ahora mismo

OK Then

¿¿¿Bueno??? ¿¿¿Cuál es tu problema???

Has presionado demasiado mis botones.

i apologize for earlier but i need you for making art.

........well you did kick me out of the team so I guess I can do nothing about that. And you probably don't even need me, anyways.

i do though send your pictures through here and see if you are good and sorry about that I was just sad :frowning:

I was just sad now i recovered i need to see what you draw and how well you do it

Yes, but what if I don't want to draw for you? I am busy with school and other things, not to mention I'm FAILING school so I need to be doing school work. A "sorry" is not enough.
I don't need to be bossed around by you. I always told my enemies that if I said "goodbye" then that meant I am angry and that they need to leave me alone.