Among Us Animation (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Among Us Animation (Part 1).

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@sushi-llama how far are you on the cafe?

Btw, done with blue blushing

I'm almost done! and blue looks cute lol

i'm bursting with excitement

.-. of course you did

your gonna want to delete that if you dont wanna get banned-

I will once they click it.

I'm not clicking it.I'm not gonna flag you but i'm not clicking on the link

that's cool, okay I'm deleting it

stay on-topic, people

kay kay,but i'm glad your back


do you have any astronauts that you havent done yet? i can do a few

@funtime_foxy101 alrighty (btw check your collection on your @funtime_foxy666 acc ;~)

Oh btw Kumi's being stubborn again,and i love the blue sprite you made

Well, I'm working on a few of the bigger, half-body ones for da emotions...can you do the small, full-body ones?

@herodooble2 thanks

Anyone here?

@equilibrium OMG thanks

yeah i'm here

Ok. I might need help figuring out how to animate this, I am not done with sprites, but it's better to plan out whats going to happen and how we are going to animate it.

Ask @equilibrium or @sushi-llama,the latter of which is getting head on a unblocked chat site apparently

What does that have to do with the animation?