Among Us Animation (Part 1)

I need motivation to make a very long Among Us animation based off of the song, Show Yourself by CG5....the problem is that I need help with motivation....because without motivation to do it, I will just give up in the middle of making it, and never finish it....

you can do ittttt
(theme it wit electrical)

oooo I wanna help with it!
I can keep you motivated as well >:3

Does you know how to draw Among Us beans dancing?

yess ofc why wouldn't I

I need a picture of electrical tho....I can't search it up on google because of penalty box on device....

Great! You wanna make the thumbnail for the cover of the project? Or the beans dancing in a circle in the cafeteria for the beginning of the animation?

wow.....nobody else wants to help...this is sad....

@herodooble2 thanks

Try your best and think of the final product @funtime_foxy101

What thing?

OK? Don't I have a right to draw my own sprites in my own animation???!! >:T

What does this have to do with this topic?!

i would love 2 c your animation! :slight_smile:

Do you know how to crop songs so that way they are shorter and start at a different time? Like a music editor or something? I would do that but I don't have access to those things...

I need this song to be cropped at exactly 0:36 for the beginning, and also to end at exactly the song.

Great! :)

Use the scratch sound editor.

Here is the cropped song.

....Scratch is blocked for me, though.... :<
I only have access to Snap...
Is there a way you can upload the cropped scratch song onto a Snap project instead?

You could log out of your blocked acc and just view it without being logged in?

....I am in penalty box...I can't access Scratch at all, even if my IP was not blocked on Scratch, my administrator still killed my access to most websites

oh- well sorry bout' that. I could maybe access it for you, because I can view Scratch, only if I'm not logged in or on a different acc. (which is muted)