Among Us Animation (Part 3)

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@yeet_king nowhere close to halfway..haven't even started animating yet.

@system please stop!

@ultrafuntime-kumi I feel pressured/overwhelmed/stressed/anxiety..

the system is a robot
it always does that after 100th post in a topic.

look every1, theres a 10mb media limit. the song takes up a few mbs. the costumes also take a lot of space. unless we do separate projects, we cant do all of this. also we still gotta do the art, which we havent finished yet

ya know you could use one white costume in one sprie, clone em', and then use the color blocks right
I mean that would be very hard but it would work.

the crewmates must go in specific places

ive done this b4 & i quit making the project bc it was confusing

That would be too much work.

ik that
its possible to do
ive been working on an algorithm for that.
also don't ask me to show it to you bc its for a undertale battle engine that is still not finished, but has the same cloning mechanism.

it could work (if we were professionals), but the color blocks are faded colors, not bold colors like this:
blue-fullbody use

edit: ok, so the colors can be bold, but nonetheless im not experienced w/ clones

the version im working on is only compatible with my project currently, but I need to test it for this so lemme to that.

heres the table


i didnt draw this btw

heres all the normal tables

heres the floor pattern

i made this on scratch, if you wanna change anything lmk

@ultrafuntime-kumi thx fren

Good job

Nice! But I kinda want the middle table to look like the ones around it

okie, working on it

so its just like the other tables but w/ a button?

like this?

Load a json file whitch holds img data and psh the img data in to a costume

@funtime_foxy101 heres the emergency button animation i made (i can change the color of the crewmate)

Oooo, me like it! :D

Looks great, but you might be able to avoid using two sprites by doing something like this:
among us emergency meeting animation scene script pic
That way you can loop over a list, but only have that list have certain costumes in it.
You could, for example, have a list of the waling costume names the you loop through, and another list of the button pressing costumes that you loop through later. Just an idea.