Among Us Animation (Part 5)

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OK stop, no more replying past this reply, unless you wish to get flagged. Please just let the topic close already. @moderators please close this topic before everything gets out of hand.

You think the forum should allow flag wars because I was mad about a ban?

Yeah flagging me for just being mad about something

The previous part 4 animation thing

I said I was mad

what does that have to do with an Among us animation?????????
you keep on talking about your JS projects

Hi ! Can you share a project so we can see your progress.

hi foxy

are you sure "its a deal, its a steal" is a song? it just appears to be dialogue

huh? I don't know why this was flagged and then deleted-

for some reason they actually edited it and typed out "post withdrawn by author" instead of deleting it which is why it's still up after 13 days


Or it might be that it wasn't deleted because of the flag.

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