Penguin Racing (Part 1)

Welcome to one of the most ambitious collaborations ever. Our goal is to make a successful Racing Game. The said racing game will star a Penguin Racer, there will be multiple racetracks, an online feature using military-grade encryption techniques to stop hacking, and an intelligent AI to race against you when nobody is playing. And much more.

It will be hard to accomplish our goal, so we need a lot of people to do this so please join.


Dev Team(not hiring, please do not add your name to this list) :
spacer - CEO of penguin racing.
helicoptur - game
sir_kitten - website and game what, you can't just promote yourself.
FUNTIME_FOXY101 - Ideas & Design

I'm removing this eventually


Ask a question in the posts.

PLAY -- here or whatever


I promise I won't copyright this emoji: :penguin:

What for?

to prevent hacking with cloud vars!

You clearly have no knowledge about application security. Encryption will do nothing to prevent people from abusing API endpoints

then what do we need?

I'll read that.

"authentication" how do we need to do that? (Also we are not needing people impersonating others, we want to block people from using hacking to gain an unfair advantage), @programmer_user

Alright, we need to make an racing game, I want everybody to give an Idea.

My point was that encryption doesn't help here.

Then what does help?


how do we do that?

@helicoptur can you please help?

I don't know how to help. I'm not great with serverside and security stuff, and still not sure exactly what @programmer_user means by security.

I do not really need any help with

but I could need some sort of coding expertize.

aw, i'm flattered!
sure, mention or reply to me when you need help with a specific thing.

ok! BTW, we are making a racing game that stars penguins. We also need a designer to sort of give me ideas that I might not have thought of, I'm not use if you would want to do this but I'll tell you anyways.

I'll get started with a demo. Also if @helicoptur or @programmer_user would like to join I'll add you to my list.

Help, I need some help with art.