Penguin Racing (Part 5)

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link Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

@spacer @joecooldoo are you guys not on today

I think the link is invalid.

what about now Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

when did you get interested in penguin racing @sir_kitten2

I was in it since this topic started.

do you still want to help. I'm gonna get to work.does the link work now?

we need a new track. a longer track. and we need to make a end game next race thing. and more tracks.

am I the only one who is going to do anything.

imposable to get this can

Sorry, was playing on my Switch, your game is messed up... the bar does WAY off where it should be. I can increase how long the gas lasts though.

Added hill physics and and added a new feature!

Added Feature

When not using engine, gas will go down slower


Snap! 6.8.1 Build Your Own Blocks

The physics are to much I can’t get up a simple hill.

(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

test 7
stuck here forever unless you cheat to get more gas and boost
I'm off I need to work on the plumbing see you in a bit.
edit: im back
gotta go again
this collaboration is dead

Why did you mention us for nothing?

sorry I replied to the wrong topic.

I need to go to church see at noon