Penguin Racing (Part 4)

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It IS smooth. You must have a very laggy computer, because I ran it on an AMAZON FIRE TABLET and it worked smooth.

P.S. Please dont try to contact me at 3:00 in the morning my time. It makes my tablet that I use for Snap (A much more powerful one than a Fire Tablet) ring a notification sound. Im usually up at 7:00 my time.

Is a iPad laggy?

It depends. What iPad are you using?

Why am I the only one developing this whole entire thing? shouldn't people be helping?

you need help?

No, but it is a collaboration! Others should be asking to help in someway or another.

I can help you

I have some blocks we can use for version control and beta testing:

I know about those

yeah i made those.

I said I knew
P.S. - I'm now out of school(summer break) so I can help full-time( sort of ) with the Penguin Racing projects.

hi guys

Here is the latest version:

it has nothing to do with penguins

Were going to add penguins eVeNtUaLlY, were just working on physics and stuff like that.

its impossible to beat and there is no racing

uh, what I don't like is your car can be on a steep hill without falling, please fix that.

You should fix it your self. I've done PLENTY of work on this.