Penguin Racing (Part 3)

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Ooh, part 3!

What did say? I missed it.


In part 2

You can just go to part 2 to see it.

@joecooldoo wat were we workin' on?

First let's make the game. After we do that, we add online.

yes joe

@joecooldoo, let's work

Ok. So tell me what the game should look like, maybe make a simple drawing?

firin' up jamboard!

here it is. this is a screenshot of some demo art, @joecooldoo.

I was thinking something like this:

yeah... that looks good, let's do a vote, make it a google form, and I will put it on the website... all :snap: users who would like to participate can do it. @joecooldoo, would you like me to do it or you?

I would like you to do it, thank you though.

alright. making google form, and then puttin it on a website

@joecooldoo take the quiz, and all other snappers!

20 minute mark, someone voted for @spacer and that's it.

I added my vote

EDIT: @spacer ?

I added my vote. And my friend, to.

Ugh, its 2 - 1 joecooldoo in the lead, lets just go with joecolldoo's idea