Penguin Racing (Part 1)

Here is a penguin you can use:

that is just the linux penguin lol something else.

need more art. you know what @helicoptur will be an artist no some questions can asked.

I'm terrible at art and graphics.

uh, you can make some SVG vector graphics

only really simple things

make it as simple as you want.

I need a simple car specifically.

Just search for images, you don't need to draw them yourself.

Yes but they do not fit my needs. Now days it is very hard to find assets

I tried my best:
(sorry for low quality)
The original is in SVG format. (I don't have access to my school computer currently do can't give the original file but I will tomorrow.)

That might be good for a map or something. Thank you for giving us your time.


I want to make an website on repl, but that will be separated. The code for the is on :snap: . The website will have no connection except for a page where you can play on the website.

I'll invite you to a team on repl.


you there?

or click here


yes? what do you want?

no. never. i like it.