Inbox (Part 2)

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Oh look it's part two.

@joecooldoo Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks add chat UI and vars there

OK, you can.

OOF, the UI is ugly. (No Offence)

It’s a template feel free to change it. Also I, not so good at making ui

What is the name of the app?

Oh I made it on logo makr

I made a little envelope graphic:

We can use that @joecooldoo

Add icons like a ! Mark for pending message.

Okay, check it out again.
Test binds: Click the envelope to change its state, press space to spawn an ! mark, and press 1 to delete all clones.

Works, ok so @joecooldoo use this

What’s this. When I run it the project works fine but looking at it hurts my eyes

Edit: @helicoptur is it the same for you?

And I see it too.

Yes, it is. In fact, that’s intentional, and actually helps with overall compactness of the scripts.

Does it mean "if I'm a clone, delete me. If not, switch costume etc."?

Welp, because were not using NetsBlox, I'm leaving.