Inbox (Part 1)

Ok, lets use yours.

Please say A or B.

There are more options!
For example, C. Use the other serverside blocks here and don't use netsblox or replit

Not B.


We're not using NetsBlox.

@sir_kitten2 said they would leave if we don't use netblox, so @earthrulerr is saying bye.

Yeah lol.

I think I'm going to leave as well, because of the idiotic drama. Have fun.

Just use netsblox please :pleading_face:

Ok so first of all. What is going to be used as filter? Second what do we use to store chat? Third, any UI done?

No. Stop asking.

@sir_kitten2, you know what I've realized? You don't understand TOS's very well. Pretty much every single "Licence" you say we have violated, we brake it down for you. Even bh. Every single time you say something like that, your always wrong.


My cloud variables.


Dude get off of this topic right now

So. if you use uptimerobt, bye.

just leave already!
also I would like to rejoin.

No. You know, I'm just gonna mute you, because of how much you complain.

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