Inbox (Part 1)

~a messaging service like email~
UI theme: email inbox
Cloud vars: @joecooldoo
Needs: A filter that will replace “swear” words with #, settings, reply system, good write block system that doesn’t go off page or off its proper UI.

We need a modern, good looking UI. And maybe even a read aloud thing that reads incoming messages. I will be working on some UI. (The notification/new message alerts)

How will you make it cloud?


I wonder why I listed Joe after that🤔

Banning thing Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks -this will be for moderators aka devs to ban inappropriate content. There will also be a report system.

@joecooldoo can you please set up cloud vars.


I can TRY to make a swear word detector...

But I don't have as much experience in Snap! than users like @helicoptur and @joecooldoo. Is that fine? Cuz if it isn't I don't care (Like I said I don't have experience anyways)

It's a little too monotone and NOT really user friendly.

Wdym user friendly. It’s for people who break the rules.

Sure you can try. Try to make it so someone can’t do dksks(cuss)DK or (heck used for example since no cussing on forums) ehlemcdkd

Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks Is the project link

My swear word detector is finished!

When you add a swear word to your sentence, the program says "Uh Oh! We have detected a bad word in your sentence! Please fix it!". If you DON'T add a bad word to your sentence, the program does nothing, meaning that your sentence is approved.

Swear Word Detector: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

@bh please don't ban me

How about you use Unicode just in case a curious little kid decides to look inside...

If you are a nerd/developer who wants to know how this program works, it's very simple.

The program has a dictionary (Fancy way of saying List) that stores all the possible bad words I could think of. The program then scans your reply for bad words that it stores in it's dictionary. If there are any bad words, it will let you know.

Why don't you help me with that? (I'm saying this in my Asking manner and not Bossy manner) Because I don't know Unicode. Or how to hide code from being seen

You should but the set swear words inside a custom block called don’t look

@earthrulerr I felt so guilty doing this while my mom was away, I hope my sacrifice was worth it though.

It’s ok but we need a stronger system.

Use the [scratchblocks]
unicode of [a] :: operators reporter
[/scratchblocks] block.

( codes WARNING: DO NOT LOOK INSIDE :: operators) :: operators) :: control hat
report (unicode of [list of swears here] :: operators) :: control cap