Weird stack blocks after cap blocks

why is this possible?
Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 12.20.33 PM

I've only seen it happen to me once before.

Maybe this should be a feature request.
You can report, and then still do an action after.

I can't reproduce this. And I don't see how a picture of a script could have a white background. Did you make it in Photoshop or something?

Please don't make absurd feature requests just to hear yourself talk. Feature requests are for when you're making a project and are truly having a hard time working around something we lack.

When you report a value to your caller, your process is back in the caller, not running code in the procedure. Why would that be useful? You can't report a second time; your caller has already picked up your reported value and is running with it.

If for some screwy reason you really need a computation to happen after your procedure reports, use LAUNCH.

ok, first of all, I had flat design on, so it was white. it is in a if then else block,
so to recreate it, take a if then else, put a warp block, and under the warp block, put any stack block. under it, put the report block. then, take the blocks under the warp block, and drag them so they are before the warp block. then, let go of the mouse. then, extract the stack block that is not the warp, and delete it, and you should have recreated it.

Ah, I never think of flat design. Sorry!

Yes, I can reproduce that following your instructions. That's a weird bug, but pretty low priority...