Inbox (Part 2)


Why? Are they worried that you're talking with random people on the internet, or they just don't want you to do a "development project?"

What’s bad about a development project.

I don't know.


The name of the app is "Snail"

If we are not using my Swear Word detector I can happily leave this collab. If we ARE, though, I'll stay.

@joecooldoo is no longer on the forums:(

Correction: rarely.

What didn’t you say you were leaving the forums?

Wasn’t it you who made the “I’m leaving Snap!” Topic?


Then who was it…

No. That was spacer. Joe made the "I'm not aloud[sic] on the forums anymore" post on part 4 of the Snap! Jr. topic.

Ohh rip spacer:( ok back on topic. Also @sir_kitten2 we need a more advanced swear word detector.

Ah! Glad to hear it. (That it's not never, I mean, not that it's rarely. :~P)

Please delete my Snap! Jr. account.

I wish you could talk to my dad about being on the forums. He thinks that there is bad language here, and that people are tryig to steal my private information.

Ah, not very tech savvy I assume?

No, he hates me being on the forum. Im old enough to know what not to share. I think he is being a little over protective.