User Talk for forums and main website (READ BEFORE REPLYING!)

User talk. Yes, it's in Scratch, and yes, it definitely needs to be in for the main websites, but it also needs to be in for the forums. SCRATCH DOESN'T HAVE USER TALK FOR FORUMS because those forums are directly from the main website, meaning that Users on Scratch can't have 2 seperate accounts, one on the main, and one on the forums (alts aren't included because that muddles the waters a bit), unlike Snap!. BUT! Scratch DOES have user talks, in the form of comments. Now, there are 2 ways this could be done. The Scratch way, where people can type comments directly on the userpage, or the Wiki way, where there's a separate page for the user talks (One example is MarioWiki, which I commonly use for Mario information. It uses the Wiki way for user talks).

Are you suggesting comments on project pages and user profiles? If so, it has been suggested many many times. Just search it up on the forums.

Huh. Kinda? I mean, I didn't know that. I just suggested for user profiles, but I also said there was an alternative way for user talks. On a related note, I would approve a discussion search for Scratch, because Snap! has it, but Scratch doesn't.

When Things Slow Down™

You can consider the integration challenge due to the absence of separate accounts for the main website and forums on Scratch.

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Holy fudge! I leave for one day, and already this spirals. ALL I SUGGESTED WAS USER TALKS, AND YET IT SPIRALS INTO REPORTING COMMENTS STUFF! @ego-lay_atman-bay, from what I can tell, was the only one to actually make a reply/comment that actually had to do with the topic.

ngl he probably didnt understand what you meant. user talks are already a thing in the forum. isnt it what you want?

... I don't think that there are user talks in the forum, at least from what I see. I was talking about the forums AND the main website. Please read my OG post.


for sure are, but you gotta specify what you mean by user talks. like very off-topic casual talking? i don't think that is a thing in scratch either. i mean it is chaos there probably, but that is just weird if they actually talk about random stuff under projects. here you might see projects user talks, collab user talks, and etc. isnt it what you want as a user of snap?

No, I mean either user talk pages like in Wikis (I used MarioWiki as an example), or have a comments section in user pages like in Scratch.

so you dont want that, but rather want having random talks? you can use an app called discord yknow

I'm not talking about Discord. The project comments on Scratch actually have to do with projects. And MarioWiki's user talk pages, from what I've seen, actually have to do with MarioWiki. SOMETIMES, but mostly on MarioWiki, there are "random" talks, but they have to do with common interests.

Then you are welcome to talk about users' projects, collabs, here in forum.

... That's not what I was talking about. Did you even read my entire post?


Lol what?

-you say that you want userpages comments, or mario wiki user talks
-i told you there are already user talks in the forum
-you said there is not
-i told you if you want random user talks you go to discord
-you said that you dont want discord, and that in scratch comments and mario wiki they talk about the related stuff.
-i told u that you can use snap forum then, people here talk about related stuff (snap) too

i feel like anything that you dont like you will answer like "reread the post", "you didnt understand", "did you even read it?". that is childish behaviour. you write a confusing post and do not specify what you want. do you want a project discussing? you already got it in snap forum. you want random talks? (as you said in mario talks there are). no. the thing is that in snap and scratch there are a lot of kids. i think snap team dont want to take responsibility for anything, nor spend time on moderating off-topic posts. alright thats done for forums (you call it wikis). we also discussed comments under projects in snap, you can look it up. next time ask just about them and not "user talks from mario wiki".

if you read this entire page you’ll see that they are talking about the chat stuff you wanted