Should (How should) Snap! be more popular, etc

I wonder if that is one of the factors why Snap! isn't that much popular.

Yeah, maybe. You're not the first to suggest that. But it's a two-edged sword; we want Snap! to be popular because it's a great programming language, not because it's a great place to have conversations.

Nevertheless, we're going to add commenting, carefully, so that we don't turn into Facebook. Just not soon, because there are too many crises now. (Number one is finding a way to satisfy school districts' privacy requirements.)

Although, I'm a little scared about the challenge of moderating all those comments. Right now I'm pretty much the only one moderating the forum, and it's a tough job, and we don't have a budget to pay people to do it. We do have a few users helping out by flagging posts that need attention, and without them I don't think we could do it, but they have real jobs, and I don't think they have time to take on comments also.

i saw a scratch chatroom project that used the translate block to filter

You guys didn't change the design in 12 years. You made it darker because probably someone just likes dark theme right? I get that you want Snap! to be popular because of it being great as a programming language, but i really do not understand what exactly is your goal.

Why turbowarp became so popular now? Because it being fast. Honestly, that is what actually can make Snap! great as a programming language. Visual programming is always criticized because of it being slow and not advanced. Snap is advanced, but not fast. It definitely is fast in some stuff compared to Scratch, but it is because it is more advanced. For example we can just update the costume with pixels instead of filling the screen with pen and then call it "faster", which actually is, but just because we use different ways to do stuff. Just because Snap allows it.

What about support? After 2021 update the lowest browser to access Snap! is browsers from 2020. You probably added something from new features which broke it that much. You are better to update Requirements page. I also just saw that you removed my posts about refactoring Snap!, is it really worse than those posts about collabs and etc?

I agree. It is good that you focus on Snap! for programmers, but those programmers need to showcase their projects, and get feedback somehow, which is much more convenient when you have comments, BUT I hate scratch comments, as well as its community being filled by kids who can't interact adequately. Something similar will happen on Snap! as well probably, so.. What about likes? It actually came to my mind just now. Also something like getting verified to avoid spam and etc.

Dirty words aren't the hard part of moderating, although I guess if we have a lot more users that might change. But mostly it's stuff like insulting another user, which we deal with differently depending on whether it was intentional, what this user's past history has been, etc.

what about a report button, and i read something that says if a comment gets reported twice by different users, it automatically gets deleted

huh? where did u read that? if that would be a thing then someone could just report from 2 accs.

i read it in griffpatches comments, and there were a bunch of missing comments under it

thats absurd

If that’s a scratch project, it’s still not allowed and should be reported

Only preset messages are allowed in cloud chats. Even with a whitelist it’s still not allowed

Scratch, unlike Snap!, attempts to appeal to younger audiences that want to socialize with other younglings (there are exceptions like Griffpatch, who's pretty old, we're talking like 20-30 years old I guess), meaning that they probably would want to add systems like a Like System, Featured Column, you know, all those features they have on Socializing Apps.

For Snap!, we don't care about popularity, because, well, the point of Computer Science or programming isn't to get "Oh this looks so cool, better than [users] project" comments. We focus more on the programming aspect.

The reason why Snap! isn't that popular (which I don't think is necessarily right because that's a bold claim to make) is because we focus more on programming aspects. If you were an Elementary Schooler too, you'd think that that sounds boring, wouldn't you? No offense to Snap!.

YES, FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO AGREES! I agree with you 100% on everything.

I agree with agreeing to agreeing to you

... Ok.

Yes, but turbowarp compiles Scratch Projects into Javascript Files that can be run from the browser...incredibly fast in fact. It is just a mod of Scratch, it's not a different "branch" of Scratch.

yeah i remember bh or jens saying that snap is more for teenagers, not kids.

what i personally like about snap or scratch is how straightforward they are. you see, when you are a newbie, you have to familiar yourself with some git stuff, compiling stuff, console and etc. ngl that looks confusing and boring for a newbie. just as it is for me. i dont know any programming language other than Snap!.

newbie joining snap, opens editor -> makes script -> runs it.

which is cool. the whole thing behind the scratch and snap isnt just its visual, but thats its easy to start, to learn.

i personally think we need to popularize that. i get that Snap! is comfortable being as it is now, but why not to become more popular so that more people can learn programming more easily?

The reason why i put years is so that you can look up which OS support Snap basically has. What if you can't afford a better pc, and you have an older pc and want to use Snap!? I also mentioned iPad in some post before cuz soon i won't have a pc (i am selling it cuz of personal problems), and i will have just my old iPad. I tried to see if i can get Snap working, but nope. I am working on refactoring Snap! now so that i can get it working on older devices.

they said they want user talks like comments or wiki pages (i assume they mean it for forums). we already have user talks in forum, i told them about that, they replied that "reread the post i said AND". i pointed out that they said OR, so how would i know that they want both huh?

i dont think allowing random user talks for guys lower than 13 on snap is good either

why youtube closed comments for kids videos? or why scratch doesnt allow chat in projects? why would you want to take a responsibility for random user talks in forum?

thats is too far from the reality.. there are a lot of countries that do not use Scratch. i also dont get why u stick to "teaching", "school" thing. i get that you are teachers and obviously interested in making something that other teachers can teach, but you guys can get popular without that. what about ordinary users who just want to learn programming themselves? its really hard to come up to Snap!. I remember finding out about Snap! randomly just because i was into Scratch some time, but i never heard about it before. which sucks because if i saw it earlier i would have been using it earlier, and wouldnt lose so much time on Scratch!! the design is one of the reasons (in my terrible opinion) why someone would not like it. flat design kinda fixes it, but i honestly do not like the colors you chose for primitives, it kinda burns eyes. though its just one of the cons for me i guess. i wish you made the editor design more customizable.

snap isnt popular because people do not like it, but just because people have no idea what that is, they never saw or heard about it.

Ok. First, I was talking about user talk for both the forums AND the main website, that's why I "replied that 'reread the post i said AND'". 2nd, @slate_technologies has a point about Turbowarp. 3rd, I get why Snap! is less popular than Scratch. I don't think "snap isn't popular", it's just LESS popular than Scratch. The more Snap! actually BECOMES a better version of Scratch (because there are a lot of things that still need to be done), the more popular it will become. User Talks for both the forums and the main website is a part of that.

bro this aint twitter why yall starting a flame war

edit your first port so that people don't get confused.

i think like his point was like "turbowarp is popular because it is a mod of scratch", while my point was that turbowarp is popular because it is fast. the fact that it is scratch's mod doesn't matter. there are other scratch mods yet they are not as popular. Turbowarp also has to deal with scratch's, imo, not the best runtime. In fact i find scratch's runtime and blocks stupid, we get advanced music blocks, but do not get advanced rendering blocks? Imo thats because they dont want the projects to differ much. If someone is capable of doing 3D games (if there was an extension that allowed doing it more efficient), then they easily would be just more popular. then kids' projects, that usually aren't advanced, wouldn't be noticed at all. almost feels like scratch is trying to keep the community with simple, 2d games. imo there is better to be visual programming with actually low level efficient runtime.

also, sorry dude, we became kinda offtopic here which led you to think that those posts are related to you, dw, none of posts about popularity had to do anything with you. have a great day.