Thoughts about talking about non-Snap! programming on this forum

It is good manners to not talk about off-topic things on forums

This is a Snap! forum for discussing Snap!

If I want to discuss things about Scratch - I go to the Scratch forum

If I want to talk about Node-RED - I go to the Node-RED forum

I don't talk about them here because it is not the place to talk about them.

I have been banned from a forum but I don't use this forum to discuss stuff relating to that place. I will not reply to any questions about this - I am just giving it as an example

Human nature is such that sometimes threads on forums wander off-topic but this should be minimised

In particular, starting a thread off-topic is generally considered as not a good thing to do

Now it's up to each of us how we approach how we interact with others in life and some people don't follow this approach

In general, a lot of people who don't like to follow this approach also don't like to be told about it.

This forum has mechanisms to mute such users and mute such threads.

It also has a flagging system

It is much better to do this than to tell people off

Posting "Dude - don't say that" doesn't normally lead to a fruitful outcome and just adds even more off-topic noise to the forum

Please don't reply to this post - if you agree with it's sentiments then great :slight_smile: - if you don't - just mute it and carry on as before :slight_smile:

is that not what youre doing here?


[words redacted]

yes i saw that and unfortunately it wasnt enough to stop me from pointing out the hypocrisy in the post.

i mean how can you immediately follow


I'm going to stop here and stop replying. say, right before pressing Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 5.53.36 AM

I am going to purposefully disrespect your wish for me not to reply to your post. It is confusing and contradictory, and I don't think it does a good enough job of conveying the sentiment you want it to.

This is why there are things like topics. Sure, while Python and Replit aren't related to Snap!, they can be excellent tools to learn about CS. Thus: a CS subtopic.

Yes, for offensive posts or things that violate forum rules. (And sometimes, off-topic posts- but because they appear so much less frequently, less frequently.)

I think both should be used (if "tell[ing] people off" is having a respectful discussion) because sometimes, just flagging posts makes people more confused and angry.

Similarly, I would just like to note the hypocrisy that this post essentially is: a discussion about off-topicness on a coding forum is just as off-topic as the things it is condemning.

oh thank god someone else sees this

There are a ‘quite’ few things wrong with this post, some have already been stated. Opinions are open but moderators have said that as long as it is computer science related, it is ok, but Snap! stuff is preferred so don’t make all of your posts not about Snap!. I have made like 3 of these, and I have made 121 Snap! related ones. It’s especially fine to do it every one and a while. I don’t know why you have gotten so clingy to this because of my post. This topic itself is way off topic and is useless on the forums.

The community is much bigger. If you do get views on the post you get no clicks on the link. The community is not as much interested in advanced projects that are not games if you make them. The Scratch forums are huge and not as easy to use and navigate. There is more too.

Your creating a topic that is unnecessary, rude, off topic to programming and because of the necessity off topic in all, and you are pointing fingers.


This is also kind of spam because.

and now this because these have been made fairly close

doing that deletes it, you can also teach them and say “hey your not supposed to say this on the forum” or “this is not allowed on snap and is against the rules, you should remove or change it”


Non Snap! computer science/tech related topics are ok, but this is neither and unnecessary, such hypocrisy!

As well as posing himself as an infallible voice in an area where most of us (seem to be) against his view.

And repeatedly doing so on the same post after told it was fine and not too only to carry it on here.

There is no need to pile on. You can add your voice to this discussion without being rude, or outright mean.

I've had a post flagged before, and I can tell you that the mods talk to you, telling you your mistake. If you're confused, you can ask them (privately) why your post was flagged, and they'll tell you why.

Yeah. My point is that many people respond to their post being flagged on the same topic, typically saying things like "OH MY GOD WHYD U FLAG MY POST". Which is not a productive addition to the conversation (obviously).

Can you stop telling people to minimize or terminate the amount of non-Snap! related comments or topics or whatever sh#t but still do so?

Like bruh, you keep saying "Stop posting unnecessary comments" yet post unnecessary comments about not posting unnecessary comments! What irony! You made me spit my drink and break my keyboard, man.

(And yes, you heard me. But I did redact my words. If the majority of the Snap! Forums users flag this, I'll be happy to change it.)


Couldn't have said it better myself.

Refer to this post:

or this one (This post should be in the Feature Requests category):

But most importantly, you should really ask yourself this question:

I've quoted this post many times from your previous posts about you telling others to stop posting off-topic posts. And you didn't listen. This has been your 3rd off topic post about posting off-topic stuff. So please stop.

And to think that you all doubted me when I said

and you guys said

This is the part where I shout out "I told you so" or "I was right" or something, I don't know. So if you may...deep inhale


… sigh. Yes, off-topic posts exist, and sure, it should be discussed, but only in one or two places. I agree.

However, that doesn’t mean you get to yell (essentially) or make blanket statements. I didn’t- and still don’t doubt- the existence of spam about stopping spam. I’m not saying that to earn brownie points, or something of that nature. Most of the things you said are accurate, but again, yelling that you were correct is not a great way to get people to actually think about what you said and (maybe) come around. It really just makes people madder. Which, yes, is a problem in and of itself, but is more of a problem with people themselves than with the forum, or its topics, etc.

EDIT (specifically for slate): Regarding the “yeah slate needs to chill” posts (and things of that nature) I regret to inform you that you do have a track record of being un-chill (and sometimes inflammatory. Your post feels inflammatory.) so people may say things like that. It might just be something you need to work on. That’s fine; nobody’s perfect; but it does take credibility and sense away from your post: starting with a good point, but branching off to a tangent about how this problem is so so so specific to you and nobody believed you and see this is where we are now, yadda yadda yadda.

Yeah, so what? You realize the moderators have to review the comments and reasons for reporting before flagging or hiding the comment? And thus, saying that "the forums have a flagging system and so we can all flag comments so that they get deleted" will never be a viable option.

Don't think you said that? Take a listen, mate.

And trust me, the moderators do look at the stuff. It's not just a robot that hides or deletes the post after it has been flagged. One time, I was in an argument with @helicoptur about AI programming in Snap! and stuff, and so I was being stupid (like you in this post) and flagged his posts, thinking flagging would be an option to solve the conflict. Guess what? @bh commented like a few minutes later saying to us "Instead of flagging each other's posts, why can't you guys just solve the problem?" which is proof that the moderators DO have to review the posts.

Imagine this: you're a moderator, and there are 1,000 posts flagged every hour. I mean, the other moderators can review them, but if there are only a few 10 moderators, including you, then you'll have to review 100 posts in said hour before a NEW wave of flagged posts are coming! You might as well just quit on the spot, right?

Granted, off-topic comments and statements are things us humans like to compose, so why can't you just let it be? Just stop telling us off!

Because if you complain about Scratch Team banning you on the forums the same way someone would complain about other websites banning you, you'll get banned for being a crybaby. We all know that. We know that we could easily get banned by doing that, and that's the reason why we don't talk about that type of stuff.


I am sorry to say the this, but no one agrees. It's the truth after all, that no one agrees with you.

The world's been changed man. Since the international pandemic, people have gotten more and more condescending on the internet, even here. Hell, even you're being condescending by making bold claims.

sighs I guess I'll get banned for the 14 billionth time on the Forums by making these posts. So goodbye?...I'll see you in a few days after I get unbanned. I mean, I'm not banned currently. But...

hey, for the record, i had your back