Reduce the amount of off-topic chit-chat

Could I suggest, to Snappers that are primarily interested in Snap!, NOT to engage in idle off-topic chit-chat with people who patently are NOT primarily interested in Snap!

No replies expected/wanted/required :slight_smile:

i agree.

We are humans we get social around others with the same interests. I made a discord server but the mods don’t want links directing to other chatting platforms. They don’t want off-site chatting.


Yeah so its either

  • Let us post links to other chatting platforms


  • let us talk offtopic sometimes

boy i got time for both

Isn't this just common sense? I've NEVER seen any off-topic posts on the Forum. Are you making this up or such?

EDIT: Nevermind I just read the post.

No, these certainly exist.

Didn't you already post a post about this? I think you're spamming.


This is a very harsh accusation, and that's not really what spamming is.

Yeah slate needs to chill

I see off topic posts and topics pretty often…

Spam is like…. 1 posts about it back to back….

yeah this surly ain't the first time

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