Please stop going off-topic on many, many threads

To those who are serial offenders - please stop going off-topic and cluttering up interesting and informative Snap! programming threads.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

FTAOD - I'm not going to name any names - we (and they) know who they are :slight_smile:

I'm muting this thread myself as it's a request - not the start of a discussion :slight_smile:

change to how to

Please refer to this post.

It's not as strict as it was before, so I don't see any use in this post.


I've never seen this issue before which means that this post technically is useless. :man_facepalming:

i find this sort of post awfully off topic

Yep. This post is an example of irony.

Glad I'm not one of them...

Throwing @bh's words towards you. Just wanted to say this:

I remember doing what you did (AKA attacking people anonymously) and I won't do it again.

i dont even have a problem with it but someones gotta point it out you know. and i wonder to what extent what someone has to say about something that it may drift away to before being classified as off-topic. surly @cymplecy isnt expecting us all to direct our conversations and attention so that they line up with his/her interests. thatd almost be as ridiculous as starting a thread solely to complain about people and expect there not to be a discussion about it

At least this isn't a hijacking of another thread to talk about going offtopic. So I think "off topic" isn't quite right.

I feel like I'm among the worst offenders on this issue, e.g.,, about etymologies of technical terms. I'll try to do better. All y'all can try that too, whether or not you're a severe offender.

About attacking individuals without naming them: Yes, I agree, especially by emphasizing "I'm not naming names" (but...). I think the point of this thread has been made and we can close it.