Questions to ask yourself when posting

You can add more if you want to, it's just that you have to add something of use and something that isn't against these questions. You have been warned.

Posting topics has become so much of a trend, that some people have been abusing this ability, and so moderators have to deal with these types of problems. So let me help the moderators.

When you are posting a topic, think about these questions.

Disclaimer: These are only about topics, not replies or posts. You can read the ToS and the forum rules (In case the ToS says nothing about posting on the forum) for replies and posts. I will also call "Topics" as "Posts" as people call them "Posts" more than they do call it "Topics".

Requests to the Community posts:
Say you're posting a post about help on a project. So ask these questions to yourself before you post that topic.

  • Is there a project link, a concept image, or some sort of prototype that tells people what my project is about and what I need help on?

  • Is my post relevant?

  • Did I try to debug my code first before asking?

Share Your Projects posts:

  • Does my post really have a project?

  • Is my post just an announcement for a project?

  • Is there a link to my project?

  • Does my project exist?

  • Is my post relevant?

Tutorials (Here's how to...) posts:

  • Is my post/topic teaching someone how to do a certain task, or is it just asking someone for help or how to find a certain software, website, or topic?

  • Is my post relevant?

  • Is my post teaching someone something new, or is it just teaching someone how to code recycled code?

  • Does my post have an example of the project in case it gets too hard for one to understand?

Help with Snap! posts (All subcategories):

  • Is my post relevant?

  • Is it really asking for help?

  • Have I tried to fix my glitches or bugs before I asked?

  • If my post is asking a question to the mods, is it just a Feature Request or a real question?

Bug Reports posts:

  • Is this really a bug report?

  • Is this post relevant?

Feature Requests posts:

  • Is my post asking for chat topics NOT affiliated with Snap?

  • Will my feature request be useful?

  • Is my post relevant?

  • Have I seen some of the rejected feature requests?

  • Is my feature request similar to previous rejected ones?

Here's a question you should ask yourself with any topic.
Is my post posted in the wrong category?

So please, I strongly urge you guys to ask these types of questions before making your topics and posts.

@bh please review this sometime and feel free to correct me.

Although you don't name names, this sounds to me like an attack on specific other people. I don't think that's helpful.

Okay then. I'll fix it.

Hopefully this has fixed it.

I did want to tell people what questions they should ask before they post so that people don't have to feel annoyed.

@joecooldoo said something about "Getting emails every time a new topic gets posted" on @sladescar's posts, and he said it in such a tone it almost sounds like he's annoyed with these types of problems.

And I know for a fact that there are many people who get emails every time a new topic gets posted as well.

No, "some people have been abusing..." is still an attack.

I don't know how to fix it though...

I don't think it's a matter of being more clever about wordsmithing. This is going to sound hokey, but look inside yourself and ask whether you're trying to prove something to someone, and if so, try to get rid of that kind of motivation, and then the words will come -- or maybe you'll decide you don't have to have this topic at all. (I'm not prejudging that; you're the one who's looking at your motivations.)

I disabled that setting, I don't get emails about new topics anymore.

Oh, okay.

But there are countless others who do as well. I can't pinpoint them, but, since it's a setting, I'd know for a fact that people would probably want to enable it.

I haven't heard anyone complain about emails in a very long time, so I'm not sure where you're getting countless from.

Okay, so maybe they don't.

It happened to me so I just disabled the settings completely, I only got emails for certain people’s topics.

Okay, so maybe there is 2 people.

But also, besides the emails, dead topics could get pushed down and long forgotten because of these new topics. That's sad for old topics because then they will be long forgotten.

I mean, I guess you could link those topics without necroposting. At least they'd deserve some recognition that they should have gotten.