Snap! Jr

Snap! Jr. Remade

Please read the project notes!

Remade from @joecooldoo’s Snap! Jr. into a better version with more blocks including lists, operators, and some more sensing blocks!
I really want to hear feedback so please tell me if you like it or have any suggestions.

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I said stop!
Last warning…

@bh - I’m excited and want your opinion on it

Why is this better for young thinkers?
If you notice the blocks are bigger making it easier to drag around. There are lots of emojis to make it look more fun and colorful. Lots of blocks are described differently such as (go to{choose=sprites}) is now (teleport to{choose=sprites}) and many others to help kids understand more or make it more amusing to them. This is good if you have a younger sibling who wants to learn coding! Everyone can use it, you should try it to!

Nope, no JS is needed! We don’t expect younger kids who have just came to Snap! to know about JS!

New Blocks
Yep, there are some new blocks! Most of these blocks that you probably haven’t seen before are to make it easier to do stuff. For example to the (set var to a list) sets the var straight to a list instead of you having to set it to (list~) and selecting more blocks out. There is also a (flag) block which is just like clicking the green flag, this can be used to restart things.

to be honest, I think {go to [sprites]} is better for young people to understand because I remember, I didn't know what the word "teleport" meant when I was like, 6. Simple words are better for young people. That's why scratch chose "go to".

Interesting. For the first time I see a reason why someone might want to make a custom hat block that isn't satisfied by the generic-when hat block.

I have a few quibbles about some of the block names/pictures:

Why isn't the flag green?
Why isn't the pause yellow?
Somehow I found the actual living mouse pictures offputting; it took me a moment to make the connection with computer mice, and I first imagined the picture as a rat.
I don't understand the raised-eyebrow emoji for plus.
There's a possibility of confusion between the times icon and the not icon.
I totally didn't get the true/false block. Put a slash between the two icons and/or find a False icon in a box like the True icon. :ballot_box_with_check:︎☒ (Edit: Waah, this was supposed to look like this: Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 11.09.37 PM )
I really don't like the gear for SET. You picked it because it's the standard thing for SETtings menus, but those aren't anything like variables, more like preferences. Maybe a box with an arrow pointing in, like that 404 screen someone suggested? Also, although I can sort of see a gear meaning "set," it doesn't mean "variable," as in the HIDE and SHOW blocks.
"Set a list" is bad grammar. If this block means what I think, the name should be "Set __ to an empty list."
The color blocks suffer from the Black Hole problem: If you apply them to the black initial turtle costume, nothing happens. Maybe the easiest way to fix that would be to start with a saturated-color turtle.
Using "height" instead of "size" is really misleading; it leads me to expect a funhouse-mirror effect in which you get a super tall skinny costume.
Where are PEN UP and PEN DOWN?

To make a more friendly interface, adding the icons for blocks is a small change- you should totally change layout, icons- how in ScratchJR . I think it's a nothing other than Simple Snap! so... if you really want to make a Snap! JR try redo interface :wink:

If I could know the color numbers (0,0,0) then I would add it.

I am working on adding a bunch of pen functions but not yet.

Some pen functions have been added including Square, Star, Pend{option}, and pen down?

255,220,0 for pause yellow,
0,200,0 for flag green

How did you make the blocks big like that?

Oh. Thanks!

This is very neat. I think this could be very useful to teach younger children coding if you added more functions and improved the symbols (some of them aren't the best considering what the block does. For example the mouse blocks. I get what you did, but it took me a while to understand. How would a 5-year-old get it?). Another thing is, Snap! was always a complicated language geared towards ages 14-20 (I think), if someone wanted to teach a younger kid coding, I and I think many people would start with Scratch or Scratch Jr. to teach. Other than that, it's a great concept.

Do I do $pause(0,200,0)-2.5

No, it's $pause-2.5-0-200-0-0


Can someone help with the join block?

Wait, this project is featured?

It is?!



You can drag 1... to the arrows of the primitive join and release when you see a red halo.
(Also, set [a] to (b); return (a); is redundant when you can just do return (b);)