Thoughts about talking about non-Snap! programming on this forum

Alright, let’s stop nailing @cymplecy, @bh, sorry for the ping, but topic close? Also cymplecy please do not make a topic like this any time soon and think before you post.

Oh, yeah.

Well I guess someone didn't doubt me.

Before this closes, I’d like to say just a few more things?

There isn’t evidence to show Cymplecy didn’t think? Obviously, because they wrote a whole post about it, they knew what they were doing. That is an objective statement.

Final message specifically to slate:
I said it already. I feel like I need to say it again. Your posts are coming off as rude, sarcastic, and downright mean. Just because someone did something you don’t like doesn’t mean you can be this condescending to them. (Also- this isn’t the first time this has happened.) It doesn’t add anything helpful to the conversation and just makes you seem like a bad person. Please stop.

I mean think about if the post is necessary, on topic, and is not spam.

yes this post is nesesary and shouldnt be closed bcz its important

I tried to post an image of sonic but there is an error that says you cant embed media from other websites. can a Snap Developer remove that error?

why i cant embed media from other websites?

Oh my god. It's common sense. If anything, let the mods handle these types of off-topic problems.

Are you meaning to say you agree with @cymplecy?

We all have been mentioning the fact that this post is unnecessary. So if anything, I'm not the only person. I mean, I may be the only person who's being OVERLY mean, but still! Why just me?

EDIT: Now that I think of it, you're kinda right. However, if I'm being mean, chances are they are facts. Let's face the facts from now on-

and why does everybody make me eat my own words? I think there should be a TV show about that somewhere.

why do people keep thinking im a dev?

...anyway just download the image first, then you can drag / drop the file into the comment box, or, alternatively, click here:
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 10.31.57 PM
and itll open up a file browser where you can choose an attachment. your needing to download it first probably has less to do with snap and more to do with the various security issues that come along with sharing resources between different websites.

i bet you could do it. id watch.

Oh! Plenty!

Here are a few posts about @cymplecy posting the same thing and not listening to the moderators.
Before I link them, let's review what I mean by "not listening to the mods".

cymplecy has posted MANY of these topics before. And what happened to them? They got flagged, closed, and forgotten. However, as we see, cymplecy didn't take these red flags very seriously, continuing on posting these types of topics.

This all happened in 2022, people.
First time (April): Please stop going off-topic on many, many threads
Second time (May): Reduce the amount of off-topic chit-chat
Third time (June): Thoughts about talking about non-Snap! programming on this forum


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It’s not necessary, it’s spam, off topic, and the post itself was answered in a previous topic.

Necessary- uhh, not necessarily? But it does point out (yet again) a large problem of the forums: there tends to be spam.

On-topic: I mean, it is in the wrong category (I would say it should be in #feature-requests:forum-requests)…

Not spam- Clearly, it’s not intentionally spam. It clearly was something Cymplecy thought needed to be said. Whether it did, in fact, need to be said, is a matter of debate.

I’m going to politely ask you to please read this again. If you are “overly mean” people tend to think that you are generally overly mean. If you speak with the intention of being mean, people are going to point that out.

Facts are relative (for the most part). What you see as fact may be seen as an opinion in another person’s shoes. Again: if you are “being mean”, people are going to treat you like you are being mean.

I don’t think that you are in a position to state that. You are not Cymplecy. (AFAIK, obviously.)

You say, then provide evidence that they just have said it before. Most likely: they saw a problem, asked for it to be fixed. It wasn’t fixed, so Cymplecy asked again. And again, and again. Sure, that is contributing to the thing they are saying is a problem, but since Cymplecy hasn’t actually said anything in this topic apart from their first post? We have little to no idea how they feel.

I believe you are familiar with the saying that when you assume… well, I’m not going to type it out because I believe it isn’t the nicest saying. But it does apply: making someone out to be villainous because they haven’t said anything isn’t fair. You don’t know much about what they think.

This doesn’t mean I don’t think that this topic was unnecessary, but I do think that the way everyone has reacted is.

It’s offtopic from computer programming and because it’s spam it’s offtopic from the forums.

Well - yeah, I do agree with you here, but we should have said this starting from the first post that @cymplecy made about talking off-topic stuff so-and-so!

Also yeah, there is off-topic stuff on the Forums, especially lately because off-topic conversations happen all the time 24/7, but saying this

contradicts the entire point of this thread.

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