This Morning's Cloud Saving & Loading Issues


This morning we’ve received many reports about projects not saving correctly and afterwards not loading anymore. Turns out we were unexpectedly running out of cloud storage capacity. We’ve now successfully added more resources and those issues have been resolved. Snap! cloud storage is up and running again.

However, some damage is permanent, and cannot be fixed by us: If you’ve received an error message when trying to save a project to the cloud this morning, that project is now broken in the cloud and probably cannot be opened again in Snap. It’s also not possible to update such a broken cloud project, if you try to do that you’ll get more of the same errors. Here’s what to do instead:

  1. Recover a previous version from the cloud, those should be unaffected. Alternatively, if you’ve previously exported your project locally you can restart from such backups.
  2. Save the recovered version under a different name to the cloud.
  3. Delete the broken project in the cloud.

Sorry for this problem, I hope this explains what was going on and what you can do, also to help your friends and students.


Cool! Hopefully it will work for me!

nothing i was working on worked anyways so its all good

My entire project is in here and AP score rests on this, as well as a class assessment and a lot of time and effort

Thank you for you effort!
It is great that we have snap! and it is free.

If this insanity happened with a small community of people using snap, Imagine what would happen if Scratch had the same problem!

I think scratch would just shut down the website for server maintenance.

that place has been taken over by insanity ever since that god-awful 3.0 update

jesus it's like all you guys do is talk about what should or shouldn't be talked about or done. why don't you focus more energy on doing things yourself than picking apart what other people do,? and projecting your own judgement onto them as if you had the slightest clue to what brought them to do it or say it. it's not that cut and dry and I get it the mindset is the same way people approach coding and programming, i need to tell it specifically to do exactly this or it won't be done how I want it. but the thing is that people are never going to be okay with being the 'it' that gets to be under someone else's control reasoning and wishes. it's just not going to happen. just like you wouldn't like being on the other side of the equation either. and people aren't always going to act how you want them to. it's okay. you don't have to like it but you also don't have to have a problem with it. it's not their problem, it's your own, so trying to fix them before yourself is foolish. you have far more control over your own actions and if anyone asked me, I would say to use it. but by all means, you do whatever you so please. I won't try to stop you. just my 2c

Errors are everywhere :upside_down_face: Nothing would happen if something like this error was in scratch of course without cry because we cannot make project about give me a follow . I remember a situation when projects couldn't save... for some time (about 3 hours)

It's helicoptur's problem, it's the forum rules, don't talk about how good or bad scratch is.

Also, not trying to be mean here, but it seams like you're doing what you're telling people not to do, picking apart what others do. You should re-read your post and think about it.

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@helicoptur @ego-lay_atman-bay

i see that and am ready to admit that i am a hypocrite. i really fight against the wrong that i do. just trying to show how ridiculous of a thing it is to do. i wasnt telling anyone to do anything, i was asking why do it like that when you could do it this way. no i never said i wanted the world to be fueled by anarchy. i said, to be perfectly clear, that people dont want to be controlled. i mean you act like theres only two possibilities here, total order or total chaos, when theres only ever been countless possibilities somewhere in between. what i stand for is balance, not to break the scale. now while were talking about irony,

You're telling me not to pick apart what other people say, in a post where you're picking apart what I said... how ironic.

what did you say again? hmm? it sounded like, oh, yeah, not one thing. you copy pasted something someone else said and added nothing. i picked apart my own thoughts and feelings and put them into words. how are you looking at this because I sincerely don't see where you're coming from or what point you're trying to make.

PSA: If you export your project you can save it on your computer and then save it to the cloud if necessary!

Not fixed. Still happens when i try to save the exported project

Prediction: bh will write a long essay about this sentence before the day ends.

Could you explain this? I'm really having trouble understanding this.

Could you be less annoying?

Also the Snap! Forums are about CODING, not about ranting on how bad Scratch is and how you got banned in the stupidest ways. It would make you look stupid. Also it's against the rules.

Something for @programmer_user

Since you asked:

Here's my simplified post. I edited @cameron8299's post for you.

It's just that I can't do more than 2 posts until someone replies to me, but no one will for a long time, maybe until 2 hours later. But since you asked, I had to do this urgently.

Something for @ego-lay_atman-bay

You mean this?

This is straight up an excuse. I won't say anything more because this thing would probably turn into a flame war or something with arguments. We've had a BIG history of those, I assure you...

It sounded like you did which is the reason why helicoptur posted that.

Like I said, a flame war will probably start here. I can see it. And I guess the one who would start it will probably choose total chaos instead.


Welp, you can't get that back