Project won't save

I'm using a windows machine, using SNAP! version 7.3.0

I'm trying to save a very simple project and it won't.

First I got this message:

So I tried again and got this message:

And complicating the matter, several of my students are having a hard time loading their projects. They get an error about " '=' in the attribute." (sorry about the lack of specificity here; I'm trying to get one of them to send me a screenshot of their error code.

Considering the recent post about not being able to load a project, I'm wondering if there is a bigger problem.

Any insights?

Jens will fix this

Issue Fixed: This Morning's Cloud Saving & Loading Issues

The issue isn't fixed yet for me. When trying to save, it says "Project could not be saved. Please use the Snap! site, not scripts." Then when I try saving again, I get an unexpected error: "attempt to perform arithmetic on local [STRING] (a nil value)"

Are you on snap 7.3.1? You can check by clicking the snap logo, then about.