The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 2)

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Why is there so much about The Search?

bcause yes

so post any ideas for envornments

I thought The Search was a horror game some user was making.

It is

So is this where people give you ideas for the game?

you could say so.; this is where the devs communicate

Oh I get it. Y'all are developing a game together.


any envorormental ideas so i can get drawing

i got a drawing pad

i have an idea but i need something to make it work visually.. but if i tell people what it is for help it will give it away

What's been developed so far, or what story?

uh like 3 games. currently just finding something

Is there a story I need to follow or can I make up whatever I want?

you dontb need to know the past for this

Do the games have some sort of theme?

just spooky

i have an idea for a theme park but id like some more speficics for it

color scheme could work

I made this a long time ago. It's not much but maybe it'll spark an idea.

kinda close, a color sceme is really what i need to get started

if anyone has like an idea for a map or even just places that would be amazing

even just like a base i could use to build off of
characters, senes, companies. characters i need first to make the sign