The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 1)

Because I don’t own the real part 2 topic I can’t do that much


I'm here. Now is there specific coordinates that you're looking for?

Ones that look like it is sitting there
Physically on a shelf/platform/box
Like on top of it

Alright. Is this in storage room B?

Both if you want, just make sure to clearly separate the 2


this okay?

haha nice name



Inter is the internal name for it because the main feature is the interpolated movement of costumes


I have a direction for out next game

Nintendo boutta have an anurisum

In all seriousness though I mean
It’s possible
We have exactly enough characters

So wait, what do you want us to make?

I was making a joke. If we do make a next game then this will be it

Oh okay.

I am currently trying to make a platformer but for some reason if I add another sprite the entire camera system breaks

no part 2 electric boogaloo

Oh yea

Random question but do any of you know JavaScript?

Might screw around and call every jab “neutral tilit” in the code