The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 1)


Guys her frame data is absolutely op
Jab 1: frame 0
Jab 2: frame 0
Jab 3: frame 2, full body hitbox

Up tilt: frame 0, full body intangibility apart from arms

Down smash: frame 3, full body intangibility during charge

Neutral special: it’s shine, enough said

Up special: literally let’s her fly.

There’s no side related attacks apart from specials and those have down removed

Morning everybody!


I added sounds to the radar but I can’t test them

I need a way to make the sound louder if it’s closer to the sprite

@xx_pax_xx i think I’ve got it, I just need a way to increase the distance to over 100 units to be able to hear the sound

have any of you seen shadow


They moving remember

The whirl effect isn’t working right

Idk what to work on…
Genesis is cool, but I mean….
There’s other things too
3 doesn’t have a trailer
Genesis isn’t far along enough to get one
I could make a demise one without gameplay but
Actually hmmm

When we get a development plan for the game then I will
Otherwise there’s no point in making a trailer

Is anyone here @xx_pax_xx

I think it's just me rn.

Good to know my internet is actually working lol

The radar will need to be visual because of the sound memory leak bug rn
I’ll try to make something but it will probably be too much effort

@xx_pax_xx do you get lag when hovering over the robot or staying in the project for a bit? or is it just me? Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Yeah, sorta.

Eventually it just gets so laggy the project freezes
I think it’s the sound leak