The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 2)

morning everyone. i wonder where @xx_pax_xx went

good afternoon

good afternoon! i finished some basic systems and the first screen. currently just trying to figure out what to make next. id like some ideas because im clueless

100% you should touch up on rng it makes each playthrough special and different it also brings in luck so people will want to play again for a luckier run

also as a little catch up i am installing unity and moving away from snap however ill still be semi-active

:skull: schools been crazy ngl

jesus whats happened here

I always come back

School has started again for me
Jesus what is this layout

A haiku.

Okay I’m working on a raycaster and now all that’s left is to fix the fisheye distortion, but I don’t know of a way to exactly fix that using ray length to

Something tells me backpack might have been broken


Does anybody know how this can be sped up?
I’m thinking it could be used for a 3d horror game

also any help (even if it’s just like a method or link to a page) regarding sprite drawing would be very very helpful

i can do it also the backpack does work people just have their backpack full and need to delete room :confused:

im working on a new style for the search I'll give you some screenshots


The best part is there was a notification sent out to everyone about this

Raycaster is almost done, just need to figure out sprite scaling


Not done………

This code doesn’t work for some reason

The culprit is “within” but I don’t know what goes wrong

I figured it out

Now it’s done

@shadowmeowmeow32 can I have that 3d model of kyo for testing purposes
I have an idea for making textures but they might not be very easy
Basically take each row of the texture and stamp it with the y scale as the distance

That’s gonna be something someone else figures out tho

Alright so I need a way to programmatically translate this
pixil-frame-0 4
Into lines of pixels

You can use ([pixels] of costume [costume]) and it returns a list of all the pixels. You can get a pixel by multiplying the y coordinate by the width, and adding the x coordinate.

i really need help with sprite casting

Yo, I’m back now!

Still stuck on sprite casting, whenever I turn right enough that the object is off screen, turnin more warps it to the center of the screen and then makes it turn again, it’s hard to explain in text so just play the project and you’ll get it

Other than that everything works perfectly