The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 1)

custom hat blocks being worked on?

hmmm thats strag=nge

@Kukkīkurikkā 33

this error seems way too specific to not be an indication of it

i cant think of any other explanation for this error

Sorenara wakarimasu それならわかります

u good?

sorry azel ive been learning japanese and i guess ive been using it to much that im just used to it now... i meant to say idk then

i was trying to say @cookieclickerer33 because i had an idea for something

yea, i definitely believe that.
you dont have to do it like that, you can just tell us you're learning it

should i post this and ask what it is?

sorry about that im just getting used to it ive been learning it because of scratch and i like the language i was trying to post one of my scratch games and i was using jappenese since the main community of scratch speaks japaneese i might accidently write in jappense because im shifting over from scratch to snap (im talking to jappense people on scratch while also talking to you so :skull: its confusing to go from jappense to english anyway why do we need custom hat blocks? ive been off snap for a while

yeah ,oh god i forgot what snap looks like and the fact they dont have scratch blocks :skull:

wait our previous posts were deleted

its fine

I have unity on my PC but I've touched it like...

wow guys thanks for acknowledging me after my hiatus(jk its cool)

welcome back lesgo_150x150

can i use that gif for personal use


here's the full size


where should the game take place..

lets do a vote, everyone say ur ideas

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