The repository is publicly archived btw you can still run it yourself!


Not 100% sure but it’s the source code meaning it should be possible

Can you add custom hat blocks?

Of course, that is why I am taking more time to add more things for the mod actually.
Sorry for the delay. :sweat_smile:

um he posted only 1 hour before you. what delay?

The delay is the time since I updated the mod last time in March. Did you understand, old friend? :slight_smile:

oh ok.

????? I cant tell if youre just being friendly, or you know something I dont.

where can I acces this?

This is the last version, I will update it soon. :sweat_smile:

I dont like that all the custom blocks are in the 'other' category. Can you add a settings option to toggle that?

Okay, I have to put an option for it. I will put it in the settings menu for the next update. :~)

Guys, remember: SuperSnap is not the same mod as Snavanced!
SuperSnap is the name of the unfortunately inaccessible mod of sir_kitten2.
I am sorry about naming my mod like that. But I did say about it:

add this block:
Screenshot 2024-07-15 193941
{stop stage:: cap control} :: hat events
tell [stage v] to {stop [this sprite v] :: #F0CB7A} :: control

snavanced! needed this:
Screenshot 2024-07-15 195700
if you click on "be hat" the block you are created, the custom block changes into a hat

it also has a run this hat block
it looks like this:
Screenshot 2024-07-15 201040

About of stopping the stage, you are doing a workaround. Which is not bad in sense. :ok_hand:
But the stage can also be stopped using the same block as here:
untitled script pic
Captura de Pantalla 2024-07-15 a la(s) 16.58.15.p. m.

The stage is a scene from the another scenes you can create like slides for your project.
This is a feature from Snap! 7.3x (original). I just changed the name for it in Snavanced! (mine).

The hats or definitors will be for now in development.
That feature is not in the mod, but the concepts are open. :wink:

You can do it like this (do not change "definitize" to "hatize", it will not run):
untitled script pic (1)

Sneakpeek (not in the current version) :face_with_peeking_eye::
Captura de Pantalla 2024-07-15 a la(s) 17.04.52.p. m.
I am changing how definitors (right :point_up_2:) can be rendered...
but yes, the definitors are the same as for now. The definitors are
just modified command blocks that also can run with the help of
triggers like the green flag button. The definitors have only one
C-slot that can grab the blocks directly instead of extracting
from the bottom (which is harder to implement and it is outside).

I will add you to the certificate of appreciation if you are hoping us. :slight_smile:


is it possible to hatize a cap block and make it a cap AND hat? (that is what happens with primitives.) im trying to make my old profile pic but in snap.

Well, for the moment, command blocks that are custom can not keep its own cap state. I need
time to complete the entire update, also the math is almost complete. I am releasing a mini
update for today. It can take at least one hour. Not all the features are complete, for example:
ring slots are not transparent due to conflict with C-slots, the BigDec arctan function is slow
(taking more time than usual to make a natural "π"), and others. I did so many as I could. :~\

Guys, now you can access the developer version; but to do that, I replaced the principal page
for hosting to the "dev" branch. You can download the previous version of Snavanced! using
the same "main" branch. The "dev" one is for updates that are incomplete and unstable.
Anyways, the page is online again: