That's a lot of costumes!, to upload faster and coming for step to step.
I only have to start including the important ones. :astonished:

Please don't!

I do not know, but I remember that 6 months ago was open and not replaced with horrible trash. :sob:

The little S is not dangerous my friend, it's generated by the link when default.
Please do not remove the link!!! :scream: Sorry.

Is on the GitHub source too, Sparrow never dies. :face_exhaling: :wink:

I guess the little s isn't technically the scratch logo... I got it from their costume library

Oh yeah, using the font is fine.

But what about the font in the bubble?
How can I change it?
This is very important for expressing emotions in the game! :clown_face: :imp: :crying_cat_face:

I think you need to change the entire Morphic font, to change the bubble font. Requires JavaScript extensions to be enabled. Here we go:

Wow! Cool! Excellent! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:
And the font color and its size? Is this also possible?! :astonished:
Is it possible to make a vector cloud shape editor?
Children would do such quests with these features - wow! :kissing_heart: :dizzy:

Here we go. I don't know how for font color.

Pitifully... Thanks anyway! My students will be thrilled! :crazy_face:

Guys, I have to say something. The name of the mod is a copy from this original post from here.
If you can see, can I change the name of the mod or is better to stay keeping it as it is?
You can share your opinion, please? :pleading_face:

Extra note: In some point I named the mod to "Snap! Advanced"
but the mod was in version 6.9-7.2 instead of 7.3. So, that was no good. :face_exhaling: :pensive:

Desktopified Snap! ?
Epic Snap! ?
UltraSnap! ?

The Snap! of the Future!


Change Snap! by 1 (Okay, this one's a joke.)

Hoooo!!! Ok, to be like. BYOB-Limitless? :yawning_face:

Would Snap++! be alright?

Hmmm. Or we have to choose characters that are not to be replaced.

Your new repository will be created as Snap- .
The repository name can only contain ASCII letters, digits, and the characters ., - and _.

Well, you can just do SnapPlusPlus! (which is what a lot of programs that use ++ do). I personally don't like the name though, as it is a pretty generic name that a lot of mods do (adding ++ to the end). I personally like Snap! Advanced, or @bluebaritone21's idea, Snavanced.

Thank you!

It suggests non-functional programming, so I vote no... Not that I get a vote.