This is a Snap! mod that is almost complete, I'm currently ending the pre-public version of my mod to be public with a lot of new features and bug fixes that the current Snap! forgot. :wink:
I'm in summer math classes, so, I'm ending the beta version of the mod by little steps. :footprints:
The Video Capture tab will be replaced by a button with the icon of a camera and spawning a dialog, but for now I'm presenting to you, this:

There is a surprise below...

I'm creating an desktop mode for Snap!, so you can look to an OS in Morphic. :face_holding_back_tears:
The Snap! desktop mode is inspired on macOS.

Where can I find it :scream:

My mod is not public, I have put my mod public later to avoid different versions, I want to all have the same version of the mod, and the OS is in the mod, so is a 2 in 1 pack. :computer: :floppy_disk:

That looks very interesting indeed, although the things that interest me are probably the least difficult of what's been made. Good work, keep it up.

Thanks, I'm just stepping the process of modding until is just very ok. Just I'm doing it too good. :face_holding_back_tears:

In your About box you've added "All rights reserved" to the copyright notices of Snap! and Scratch. That's wrong in both cases; Scratch is almost-free software (the exceptions are their trademarked mascots) and Snap! is totally free (AGPL, public repo on Github including prerelease dev stuff).

I'm guessing you just think you're supposed to put "all rights reserved" in any copyright notice, just as you're supposed to put a date, but it actually means something!

Even if your work is inspired by BYOB, you're not using its code, are you? The reason the two About boxes are different is that BYOB was an extension of the actual code of Scratch, whereas Snap! is a completely independent program. That's why we say "inspired by" Scratch, but don't include anything about the Scratch source code license.

Also, please don't tell people to tell us about bugs in your program! :~(

@bh Sorry, Brian; I wasn't take care about the problems, but I wanna to hold your hand! :pleading_face:

Can you just make a SuperSnap discussion thread because there is some discussion about it, but it can be in the way of other discussions and it's scattered over the forum. Thank you and I have some ideas for SuperSnap I would like to give.

I started one from this thread.

Thankyou bh

Pretty cool, It even has the MIDI function I always wanted! I'm still thinking if you can add all these features to SuperSnap as much as possible!

@alessandrito123 I was thinking that it would be cool if you could add pumpkinhead's custom blocks for queuing audio Synthesizer.
Some modifications for this could be being able to access the left and right queues through the Set block and being able to set a list of audio files as the queue.

Is it available yet?

@alessandrito123 any progress?

@fsul Yes! :blush:

Captura de Pantalla 2023-07-24 a la(s) 16.27.13

Obviously I updated my mod to include the new changes on it, this is the principal one:
untitled script pic
Yes, there are the 3 dots on in there, is that so cute? :nerd_face:

Have you synced changes from snap 7 so we can import our snap projects?

Not all changes I put, but I put the majority of the changes and the more useful, there are some bugs in Super-Snap!, but there are solvable if are minimum to us. Yes, I started its development as Snap! Advance (6.9.2) and its another deleted sibling 7.0.7, you can import your projects but not all. I have more time to develop the mod because in my school since the last friday we are in a vacation, so this is the perfect time to develop it "2 weeks" (including new manual and better help images). :partying_face:

wait, you can do complex numbers?