Library name and description not relavent to what it contains

The pixel manipulation stuffs is now primitive(and have been primitive for a long long time i guess)
So change desc?(the snapshot block must have been lonely...maybe move to other
not-so-lonely libraries and abolish this one?)

Also,the colors and crayons library is kind of a mixed bag,literally!

these should go to catch errors

Why aren't those primitives?

This is a bit lonely,so move to list utillities?

I don't see a difference!(other than one reports the answer,and the other stores the answer)


You have reason, my good guy, that library has only one block, maybe the developers forgot that library don't had the correct name and description, just Snapshot is a good name and the description will be Creates snapshots with the camera dialog and reports the snapshot as the result. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made variadic the and and or operators; and a new primitive boolean operator the xor, but the nor isn't included in the snapshot because nothing changed too much in respect of the nor operator. :slightly_smiling_face: This screenshot is from Super-Snap!.

They are necessary to work the library, so they are included in the library.

I could imagine that it is a good coding exercise to make them yourself.

The libraries are for different purposes.

The Menus library makes this function much easier to access and utilize.

The stream blocks are blocks that go in the List category.

Can I see this Super-Snap you always talk about? :smiley:

me too?

Some of your examples are libraries that used to be bigger but have mostly been promoted to primitive.

When libraries depend on other libraries, the Right Thing would be for the other blocks to be hidden in the using library, which we can sort of do, but the behavior isn't quite right if you've also loaded the used library on its own. In that case the blocks shouldn't be hidden.

I guess the streams blocks could have their own category these days, but the library antedates custom categories.

But yeah, you're right that the libraries need some TLC.

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Yeah,I know.That's why I'm refering to them as lonely.They should get merged or primitived.

Maybe put the definition of the used library blocks into the libraries instead of the custom blocks?(because almost all your library blocks are just a call to a primitive)

yeah you should change that,and that won't destroy old projects due to the way snap imports libraries

I don't see a relation to thin layer chromotography and libraries.
They do need some changes.

ha ha.



TLC also means Tender Loving Care, if that’s what you’re confused about.

oh ok

Oh sorry, I thought you were joking!

Youre welcome