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That is what I saw first, but I saw another dev say something about 8.1
[ Snap Berkeley Github link ]
Here, Under the 8.1.0 release, it says:

extensions can auto-load and auto-exec allowed or allow-listed external JS scripts that modify the IDE, e.g. to add buttons by storing the external url in global (optionally hidden) variables whose name starts with "module"

I am in 8.1.0+ so there is a way, I do not understand it.

I'm pretty sure that loads an extension from a url, which has to be whitelisted in snap, otherwise, it won't do anything.

+1 on what @ego-lay_atman-bay says.

The automatic enabling is only for people running extensions that have been blessed.

That doesn't apply to most users and automatic JavaScript enabling will not be enabled for non-blessed extensions due to security issues.

I see. So it runs javascript in the Snap-enabled extensions, but not javascript code in general. Is that correct?



Is there an extension for copying things so a clipboard?

I don't think so...

But you can export text or list with SciSnap! extensions:

not in snap, but I have blocks to do it

I do have the writing text to a TXT file block
Although until I find a way to make my thing a site, it's stuck on Snap!, or embedded.

You can make a website with HTML/CSS/Javascript. Here are some resources that might help:

Or if you're talking about just making a fullscreen Snap! project, you might be interested in SuperSnap by @alessandrito123, which has this feature. SuperSnap! is planned to be released soon.

Oh, I forgot a new thing that I did today my friend, Super-Snap has a version on desktop now, but only is on macOS, thanks for tagging me, there is a screenshot leak with new blocks. :slightly_smiling_face:
This isn't Chrome, really, I downloaded Snap4Arduino and changed its source code with replacing the files of Snap4Arduino with the Super-Snap ones, I changed the index.html's contents with the snap.html's contents with no name changed, but I added the menu bar's code to the contents. :sunglasses:

Do you know when it will be released to the public?

In two forms, in browser or in desktop because is to get different manners of environments, like many repositories of Github, I'm going to do that and yes, probably the estimated date is before or the first day of March, at any hour, if I posted a link of Super-Snap! in Github, is because Super-Snap! is going to be public that day, just the final modifications are going to be yet, but the only problem, is that one of the final processes is that I'm will add the support of Lego WeDo in Super-Snap! like its common ancestor, BYOB, and its ancestor is pre-2.0 Scratch, 1.4 and before. Just talk about that, but if there is no solution, the blocks related of them, will be deleted because there is no use about them, these are the blocks:

it seems there is an fps counter at the bottom; is there a way to turn it off?

I'm going to make an option to turn it off, but yes, the fps counter was implemented in Super-Snap! one month ago, just reply to me about the previous post of this instead of secrets. :floppy_disk:

I know how to, I dont know how to connect snap to the site, allowing them to talk with eachother. I was thinking about connecting to the site, sending the text data, then make the site ask to copy to the clipboard, or something alike.

I think @dardoro can help you, he has already created a block to send a result to the clipboard here

With this block, when you alt-click a reporter, the result is copy in the clipboard.

untitled script pic

In that case, you might want to read the API.js docs.

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