True Fullscreen request? (and more other features)

NOTE: THESE FEATURE REQUESTS MIGHT BE EXCLUSIVE TO "Snap!". Since i don't wanna overwork the Snap! team and give them more feature requests, someone might need to make this and make some sort of injection script for this feature to make these features come true.

True Fullscreen Feature

I need an option in the Settings button in the Editors Bar to enable True Fullscreen, getting rid of unnecessary buttons and a pitch black border for 4:3 project resolutions. Also make sure when you go to True Fullscreen, it will exit if the user holds the Esc key for 5 seconds to go to the editor.

(Make sure to add an option to automatically turn this off when launching editor for security measures.)

Scratch 3 Editor Skin (For fun)

Since i took a break from Snap! and went on coding from Scratch, I'm finally back after a while. If someone could make a much more Modern Snap! and make it look similar to Scratch 3, It'd be awesome!

More Keys to "key pressed" boolean

i was thinking if there was a key for Esc, Ctrl, Shift, Backspace, Delete and others. it would be cool for a guy who is working on an Operating System Project or a custom input box. (Add this as an option that will always be off when launching editor for security measures). and yes, I've seen and used one made by a user. But it needs more keys (only Home, Insert, End, and Delete are only known to be missing)

"Hide Blocks Category" Button

I don't know why i added this, but it might be useful for some people. Let me know by replying on this post.

Built-in Scratch to Snap! converter

We all might need this to enhance our Scratch projects. Maybe this will help out the people who are lazy or don't have enough space for installing these type of tools

Rename Categories Feature

We've all been waiting for this ngl, please add this feature. Or make a JavaScript function out of it.

Add All Hidden Text Formatting methods to an Icon

I've always wanted to know how to add Snap! blocks using text formatting

Snap! Addons Extension

One of the "Too good to be true" addons to ever exist in the Chrome Webstore. Includes all features from Scratch addons that can be used on "Snap!".

and lastly...

Custom Block Libraries + Favorite Library Category

For the Custom Block Libraries, we probably need this feature to quickly add blocks that aren't on the library. Someone can enable their project's scripts to be added to the Custom Block Libraries menu to share their blocks to the world and make it easy to access with 3 clicks! (Devs will manually review the blocks for 1 day each to publish it to the public)

For the Favorite Library Category, add a favorite button on the top of the 2 Categories of Library (Custom Blocks Library and the Main Library Menu). Make the Favorite Sub-Category as separated as possible from the main Sub-Category where the non-favorite blocks are listed.

Again, most developers of Snap! won't probably make some of this come true on "Snap! 8.1.0" or "Snap! 9.0". So if anyone of the dev team or any of the Snap! users out there might make these come true.

And also let me know if you agree to add one of the features i listed.

I'm doing a mod of Snap! from more than 1 year ago, but are not 2 years, I make almost all of you need, but isn't completed but is almost to be public in Github, so I present to you this screenshot:

I'm actually working on a way to customize the colors in snap. Right now, it works fine, but it's not implemented in a good way. You can test it out in my snap mod.

Well, look at my post, just look up. :point_up_2:t2:

Yeah, I saw it. It looks good.

All of the blocks are primitives too. :sunglasses:

I have actually already thought about creating that extension. I have not even started making one, since I don't really know how to make a browser extension, and I also want to make an easy way for addons to be able to edit menus, customize the layout, and more, without breaking in later snap versions.

I made also the code for the animated theme, just replace it and change the function name:

IDE_Morph.prototype.setAnimatedDesign = function () {
    SpriteMorph.prototype.paletteColor = new Color(249, 249, 249);
    SpriteMorph.prototype.paletteTextColor = new Color(87, 92, 118);
        = SpriteMorph.prototype.paletteTextColor;
    StageMorph.prototype.paletteColor = SpriteMorph.prototype.paletteColor;
    SpriteMorph.prototype.sliderColor = SpriteMorph.prototype.paletteColor;

    IDE_Morph.prototype.buttonContrast = 30;
    IDE_Morph.prototype.backgroundColor = WHITE;
    IDE_Morph.prototype.frameColor = (new Color(70, 142, 255)).lighter(62.5);

    IDE_Morph.prototype.groupColor = new Color(227, 239, 255);
    IDE_Morph.prototype.sliderColor = SpriteMorph.prototype.sliderColor;
    IDE_Morph.prototype.buttonLabelColor = new Color((255 / 3), (255 / 3), (255 / 3));
    IDE_Morph.prototype.tabColors = [
    IDE_Morph.prototype.rotationStyleColors = IDE_Morph.prototype.tabColors;
    IDE_Morph.prototype.appModeColor = BLACK;
    IDE_Morph.prototype.scriptsPaneTexture = this.scriptsTexture();
    IDE_Morph.prototype.padding = 1;

        = IDE_Morph.prototype.buttonLabelColor;
        = IDE_Morph.prototype.buttonLabelColor;
        = IDE_Morph.prototype.buttonLabelColor;
        = IDE_Morph.prototype.buttonLabelColor;
        = IDE_Morph.prototype.buttonLabelColor;

    SyntaxElementMorph.prototype.contrast = 65;
    ScriptsMorph.prototype.feedbackColor = WHITE;

How about the true Fullscreen implementation? Has anyone worked on it?

No, but it shouldn't be too hard. Also, just pressing esc is better than holding it for 5 seconds. It's the standard behavior anyway.

maybe if you have an "escape key pressed" boolean, that might appear

Yes, me! I worked on the true fullscreen, but I will be public my mod on Github, it's almost complete. :slight_smile:

is there any updates to the project you've been working on?

Yes, a video capture system, but there is no sound in the zip file, because it is only to be a gif creator instead of an mp4 creator. :melting_face:
Also a new type of instrument in the MIDI tab called "Serpent" and 3 new testing instruments to be approved by me, the testing instruments will be deleted or be in the mod before the new year. :slightly_smiling_face:
And a new spanish translation to the blocks and the UI. :sunglasses:

So, I did these features months ago. :sunglasses:

And finally:

Guys, I do a screenshot of my mod, so I'm showing this leak.
Very soon will get new help pictures and I added the logarithm block
with exactly the expected result with the decimals rounding in
the "log( %n , %n )" block to evade the rounding problem in the
math operations of the logarithm, I'm going to apply that in the other
operators blocks that only have numbers as inputs. :sunglasses:

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