RPGs in the forum

There are a few recent forum topics that involve using the forum to mediate playing tabletop-style RPGs, such as



These have attracted a flurry of flags asserting both off-topicness and no-chat-rule violations. Having spent all of yesterday on airplanes, I came home to a zillion such flags.

I'm of two minds about this. The two alleged violations feel different to me:

Off-topicness: This is certainly technically correct; game-playing isn't what the forum is for. But I'm as much a Stranger Things fan as the next person, and also I think it matters that the participants in these threads are also significantly participating in more on-topic threads. (There was a time in the past when we had a major crackdown on off-topic threads because we were inundated with people not otherwise interested in Snap!, which dramatically affected the tone of the forum and chased away potential users.) And, tbh, I'm as much of an off-topic offender as anyone, especially if you view obscure areas of math as off-topic. :~) So as long as this doesn't drown out the on-topic discussion of Snap! issues I'm inclined to let this pass.

No off-site chats: This one is kind of the opposite. On-forum play is not off-site and is in principle moderated by us. So, this is technically not a violation. On the other hand, I don't have the energy or the inclination to wade through the hundreds of posts in these threads, so in practice they are moderated only to the extent that people who aren't players in a given game follow its thread and flag individual problematic posts.

So I haven't done anything about those flags yet. I invite discussion by the community, including team members. Please don't use this thread to play a game.

I, personally, will still be posting things in on-topic topics while participating in the RPGs. (If only we had something like those old scratch TBG forums.)

Okay. Thank you for your reply. I will also mostly focus on programming.

fine, we will play in the tbg forums

He's saying that we can play, but we just need to not let it overtake the forum.


but we should be careful not to turn the forums into a game hub, we should also make snap related stuff

...I try to be active in here, but all my ideas for projects are either ignored, rejected, or I try to do them but it's too hard (because I don't have the source thing for it), so basically the rpg stuff is just my way of clearing my mind.

Should there perhaps make a new category where text-based games/RPGs go? Because some people are using Local Communities for these sorts of threads which is jeopardising the purpose of that category.

so, bringing the scratch tbgs forums to snap?

(scratch had a text based games forums in their forums, its now removed)

Good idea. :bulb:

I wasn't really a fan of Scratch, I'm more of a Snap! guy thanks to me finding it by a video. I would enjoy anything that is integrated into Snap! with its aspects.