Forum Role-Playing Game (Part 1)

This is a classic tabletop roleplaying game, but on the Snap! Forum!

@coder_07 is the dungeon master.

use pic to roll.

Have fun!

World-building topic (made a wiki so that the DM can edit it.)
If you guys want to add your own character lore then do so, if not I will add it for you.

  • Get rocks from Mt. Everburn and bring them to Silent Forest Village
  • BlueBaritone21 is a nerd who accidentally got trapped in this realm. He has a little experience with survival, but is still way over his head. (Nickname: Baritone, Bari) (Class: Mage)
    HP 10/10
    MP 5/5

Weapon: Stone adze (3 HP)
Armor Woven Mat (10 DEF)
Carrying: Mt. Everburn rocks, Woven Mat ×2

  • FutureAlba is a strong warrior who is able to combat and fight against anything. They are able to combat the strengths of a lot of magic spells, and have a lot of experience with survival and finding food. (Class: Warrior)
    HP 10/10
    MP 5/5


  • Sonic123CDMania was an ordinary person, until lightning struck him & he gained a lot of power. (Class: basically all of them.)
    HP 10/10
    MP 5/5


  • Me The Super Got bought here from a different world, and is still confused. Can build many different types of robots that specialize in protecting others but doesn't have a lot of offensive abilities. (Class: Roboticist)
    HP 10/10
    MP 5/5

Tool: Magic wrench, can get metal out of thin air and build robots up to 14 feet away. Can be stolen.

  • mehone someone who was traveling the world and got stuck here, came from iran
    (Class: Computer Scientist)
    HP 10/10
    MP 5/5

Weapon Block sword (3 HP)
tool blocks, it can used for anything not op, can be pulled out of mehone's backpack

  • cybersteve is a young wizard-in-training who likes to combine spells. (Class: Wizard)
    HP 10/10
    MP 5/5



Sky City is the capital, and also there is an evil wizard who lives there that took control of the entire island. The goal is to reach the wizard and defeat him.


The locations are based on elements, each location also has a city.

  • Ice Caps (Cold Mountainous Region)
  • Mt. Everburn (Volcano)
  • Silent Forest
  • Sky City

Here's the map:
RPG game map

Can I be the DM too?


how does this work exactly?

Basically, it's the thing we just did, but more formal (and we have a dungeon master who can kind of lead the story, I think.)


so who picks the topic and can we be able to add our own characters?

I've never done D&D before, but I think Coder does.
(By the way, you get to make up a character, and put it in the "Character Lore" post.)

Can you do it for me?


Can you do it as i can't edit it.

I am a strong caveman who is able to combat and fight against anything and I am able to combat the strengths of a lot of magic spells. I have alot of experience with survival and finding food. Class: Survivor

You should...

How do I add as I don't know how.

I added it. One question: Do you have any nicknames you want?

You know what i like the class warrior better

When are we starting?

Preferably when we have 3 or more players. also when I finish the map.


good looking map