Forum Role-Playing Game (Part 1)

Thanks! I made it in Google Drawings (because why not?)

nice now we wait for people to join!

by the way what does it mean by

In D&D, some things use a die to give a bit of luck. That block rolls a digital die.

Oh! Before I forget, you can go to to learn how to play D&D.

Ok, how about me?

I was an ordinary person, until lightning struck me & I gained a lot of powers. Class: At this point, I'm basically all of them.

Put yourself in here


Ok. We'll start when I get home.


I'll go ahead and semi-start this, although I'm not out of school yet so I probably won't respond to anyone.
Anyways, you start on the beach, and your goal is to get to the evil wizard and defeat him. You are near a forest, which contains a town. (You can heal at towns and they may contain shops.)

I think I'll head into town.

Do I have any money?

Ok. You have 30 gold coins to start with.

Are there any stores around?

(Meta: I added an inventory to the characters post.)

Yes, there are 2 stores: a potion shop and a trinket shop.
Sorry for slow response times. I was playing a game. I'll try to be quicker now.
I also have an inventory and status drawing. Each player starts with 10 HP and 5 MP max.

Are any of the shops hiring? (I kinda need a job, and ¤30 isn't a lot of cash.)

The shops aren't hiring, but there are other jobs you can take. Would you like me to list them?

Is there any a nerd/mage can hold?

You can take any job, you just might not get as much reward.
The jobs are:

  • Hunt 5 creatures (100G, medium-high risk)
  • Chop 10 trees (50G, low risk)
  • Get 30 rocks from Mt. Everburn (200G, medium-high risk, requires travel)

I'll look at the offerings of the potion shop, then I'll head off to Mt. Everburn, please.

Thanks for playing. This is fun already!