Coding jokes (Part 2)

Maybe one of us could make up a game for us to play on the forums. I might do that right now!
(Also let's leave this topic for jokes, I'll make a new one for the game)

Ok. I like the idea of that.

I just made a topic.

Uhhh, hello? We still don't know what caused the glitch!

im back, what happened while i was gone

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Well, funny story.

EXCUSE ME! ahem We still need to know what caused the glitch.
Frontiers Sonic: Yeah!

It was probably you doing this:

That's what I said, but @sonic123cdmania keeps denying it.

Frontiers Sonic: We're right here, and what this guy said is true!

what was the cause

if <yapping? :: sensing> :: control
set [microphone v] volume to (0) :: sound

I don't know the cause, that's the thing!
Frontiers Sonic: Maybe @mehone should do that to himself!
Me: What do you mean?
Frontiers Sonic: Pulls last post
Frontiers Sonic: Yeah, all 4 of us.
Me: Wait, so you, Tails, the other you, and the other Tails can all do that!?
Frontiers Sonic: Yeah, exactly. Now excuse us as we try to find the cause.
Me: Ok.

remember that nuke launcher app trend on youtube?

this is the snap recreation

(dont take this too seriously)

start nukeblocks
set [lat v] to (get lat of user [OfficerAlonzo (UTTP) v] :: sensing)
set [long v] to (get long of user [OfficerAlonzo (UTTP) v] :: sensing)
set targe lat (lat) long (long) to nuke
wait (10) secs
launch nuke [tsar bomba v] to target

Frontiers Sonic: What does that have to do with anything?
Me: Yeah, agreed.

It's a programming joke.

Frontiers Sonic: Yeah, ok? It was funny, but we still don't know what caused that glitch!
Me: Yeah, you're right.

Me: Accidentally goes to a portal into the scratch multiverse
Alse me: Finds this:
when I start as a clone
create clone of [Myself]
delete this clone
Also Also Me: Accidentally clicks the blocks
Also Also Also Me: "This could've caused the the gli i t hrnhv jfddhrf dhbrfjhedklafcgsrjff-f-f wfwrtfdghyftdyr役᢫黂斖繓讵‹≘͸魯设愓䇌ꟀⳘイᔬ磶ᢳ෰韬豜泫䡫⎯䄺逸酡輷浠ⲏ佤༶ꁢ㫣䪶蒌䉋㯩Ǚ浹㤟㽣嚵䊋玨ᜄ藋紀"
Also Also Also Also Me: Becomes Glitch and escapes portal after realising Frontiers Sonic could've been the glitch in our timeline

Frontiers Sonic: Yeah, no. That's just a way for crashing that universe.
Frontiers Tails: I thought Scratch was a multiverse!
Me: Yeah, me too!
Superstars Sonic & Tails: agrees