Forum Role-Playing Game (Part 1)

We'll say it does 10 DEF. (I made this up on the spot, but basically DEF is % of damage removed. So with your 10 DEF, you'll receive 10% less damage. Your DEF can't go above 100.)

So, 100 DEF makes you completely immune to damage?

Yeah. You can only have 1 armor at a time, so you can't just equip 10 mats and be completely invulnerable.

How far is it to The Forest Village?

I'll say you do it in 2 events. (If you want)

Okay, cool.

What do you mean?

(I am confused.)

Nevermind. I'll start walking back.

Do you want to go to the village?

Yes, please.

You make it there safely.

Let's see that sweet currency, then!

i decide to go to the forest village

You got 200G.


A weak monster appears. 5HP and 1HP damage.

i find a few pebbles on the ground and throw them at the enemy.

roll: 14

You do 2 damage, putting it at 3HP. It attacks back, putting you at 9/10HP.
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