New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 2)

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@sir_kitten2, I cant tell you.

Im talking about my cloud var server! If you get the password, a whole bunch of things could happen that I dont intend!

... in a public forum.

Also that.

nvm. But how will admins ban people?

I'm going to fork my server and set aside a code for you guys to use. (Of course you will have to message me in a repl to prevent bad stuff from happenning.)

It might not work soon:

Replit will be unavailable for planned maintenance starting at 21:00 PDT. Updates at

Look at my ban concept I sent on part one.

I will keep us updated.


Edit: Oh and

How come every project you guys undertake turns into a chat room?

As someone pointed out about 50 messages ago, we frown on that.

I suggested a whitelist.

I said it should should be a whitelist as well.

And some other security features will be added. A moderation team. Since we’re different time zones the project could be checked on every 15 mins to see if someone flags a chat session.

Me and my friend never agreed to that.

Your friend doesn’t have to be on the moderation team. I want to add the flagging as an extra feature and perks for moderators/developers. They can view reports, can view any chat room even if it isn’t public, can ban users off of the project, and some more. If you whitelist and someone still does something wrong, how are you gonna deal with it?

If two people both edit their whitelists to contain bad words, that's the reciever's problem!
Also, if there are more than 2 people on the project at once, the message will have to be approved by 3 or more whitelists. Seems unlikely that anything really bad will happen.
Also, I already highlighted the many issues there are with making a moderation system.

I slept for like 7 hours and there is a second topic!
jeez you guys go fast!