New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 5)

Continuing the discussion from New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 4) - #100 by joecooldoo-sis.

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First. :smiley:


Wow, 140 posts in less than an hour guys.

Tell him to send it please.

here's mine, very basic Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks (just the default project)

Just a title lol, very basic.

It is just the cloud vars :frowning:

Added the about button

Oof, ok we will make our own base.

Lol, ok you own the base.

Ill rebuild it, since I know how to use the cloud vars the best.

Added the button clicking. (two blocks) It broadcasts "about".

Oh and guys. The worst part is. We need to make an on screen keyboard or Apple onscreen keyboard trigger for iPad.p users on chat….

I thought the keyboard pops up when ask pops up?

We don’t want to use a speech bubble or the ui at the bottom of stage in ask block.

@joecooldoo is there a JS function to activate the Apple on screen keyboard?

[offtopic]Magic Dance by David Bowie is playing here[/offtopic]

We should start by using that, for now. But when we get around to better things we'll switch to something better.

You have to focus some element.

Start but I don’t like it.

Also reply to Joe: it’s a yes or no question (don’t mean to be rude) do you know if there is a function to activate it and somehow report it to the project. Also for laptop we will use some keyboard detector. And we need a block that tells you if it’s a keyboard or onscreen keyboard device.