New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 4)

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Part 4 (ahhh you beat me to it)

Wow this is going far.

That and you make stuff like it's HTML or something.


What does that mean? I stopped doing html stuff (in snap) a long time ago.


[scratchblocks]print \{[]\}::control[/scratchblocks]

Ok. Lets focus on UI not HTML for now?
Back on topic please.
I Havel Ike 20 more unshared.dotn judge me

Um so you wanted temp cloud vars, right?

yeahhh... do you mean the syntax?

That’s JS.

I said

Ok but why is my coding messy. And we can all code as we are all good at certain things. I can do UI’s.

What is something

Ill do serverside stuff then.

Yeah, cloud things that idk what to do with.