New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 6)

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Part 6
:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Anyways Snap! Extensions detects chats. I removed the code. Should work now.

Error 500
Create the var.

Reduce the wait time to 5 secs

Fine. I did it.

its part 6? I didn't even catch up on part 3 yet!

whats up?

nope, won't work.

Also, I’d like to help with the UI if it’s not already done. I'm really good with vector graphics.

Me and earth are doing that, I don't know if we need another person. But you can join if you like.

Can you link the project with the UI so far?

Our smerge is
Also, I made Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks . Which is the celebrate live thing. We will need to join the projects together.

Custom dialog boxes don't work on the project page, so we should probably get rid of those.

it still does not change its the same as last time but now there is not [ chat ] button.

Send an example of a button.




Guys vote if helicoptur should join the ui team.

I like shadow it makes it more modern.

@sir_kitten2 Instead of using the write element for about page we should just make a background ui and import some text since it will look better. I will add this when we finish the project as credits may change.

I can also vectorize existing UI elements so they're easier to edit.