Language Learning App (Part 2)

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Part 2!

Yay! Part 2! Here is the Smerge link for anyone who needs it:

We are going to need new flags. And we need to remove the Netherlands flag. We no longer support Dutch.

*sad noises* please don't remove nl-flag.

I added to the Smerge "sett".

I don't think we need the US flag. Just the GB flag as English is from England.

Also I think the language inputs are messed up.

"center" vs. "centre"; "meter" vs. "metre"; "counterclockwise" vs. "anticlockwise"; "realize" vs. "realise"; ...

Don't use that translation API. (It is by the same people who made the official version and I don't think they would make another one that people can use under different rules.)

How come the one you are using is also made by UAV4GEO?

Send link to project.


Edit: It seems to be fixed on that.

I'm making a main UI.

Anyone see the "hlithr ta erloth" one?

Edit: "No more than 2 consecutive replies are allowed. Please edit your previous reply, or wait for someone to reply to you."

I improved on your UI, adding langFrom and langTo, making all flags show, adding a "not supported" notice to Dutch.

That's against the point of Smerge.

Added a warp to the language block.

Did you upload to Smerge?